Blogging about my cancer journey

Blogging about my cancer journey

This is my first blog ever 🙂

In December 2016, I was diagnosed with cancer for the second time around.  My breast cancer (originally diagnosed in 2014 years ago) has metastasised.

Why write a blog about it?  For three reasons…

Reason 1
Soon after the news many of my family and friends contacted me and wanted to visit, to talk to me see how I was doing and to support me.

But I was so distraught and felt so vulnerable that I couldn’t even talk to people on the phone.  The most I could manage was text or messenger.

So this blog is to let all of my friends and family know how I am doing… even when I can’t do it in person.

Reason 2
Writing down my thoughts, my experiences gives me an outlet. It’s a lot like therapy.

Reason 3
To share information and my experiences with others also effected by cancer.  Whether that be my research into non-mainstream approaches to try to prolong life or knowing you are not alone but others go through similar physical and emotional experiences.

I hope you find it useful in some way.


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