Supplements and herbal remedies

Complementary therapies for cancer recommend to support diet with supplements and herbal remedies.  Herbal remedies can also serve as an alternative approach to treating cancer.

The following is the list that I take, that was recommended to me by an Integrated Practitioner with medical background and a Medical Herbalist. It cost over £200 a month, so I will have to review and come to a compromise to reduce it.  I am also looking at using CBD oil, but again need to look at cost.


1. Vitamin D3

2. Vitamin B12

3. Omega 3

4. Lifeline formula

This supplement contains vitamins and minerals. Exact amount of each is listed on Cytoplan website.

Vitamin C complexed in fruit pulp, inactive lactobacillus bulgaricus* combined with vitamin E, beta carotene, vitamin K, vitamin D, magnesium citrate, zinc citrate, ferrous fumerate, cupric sulphate, manganese chloride, sodium borate, potassium iodide, chromium III chloride, and sodium molybdate, vegetable stearic acid; inositol; thiamin; niacin; pantothenic acid; riboflavin; choline; para-amino-benzoic acid; sodium carboxymethylcellulose; vitamin B6; mineral enhanced yeast providing selenium, folic acid as l-methylfolate; biotin; and methylcobalamin.”

4. Plant power

Nutrients from plants, extracted from editable fruits and roots.

Capsule shell (vegetable cellulose), quercetin, broccoli powder, green tea extract, grape seed extract, ginger extract, blueberry extract, bilberry extract, curcumin extract, lycopene, lutein (providing zeaxanthin), carrot concentrate providing beta carotene.

5. Max-immune

To help boost the immune system.

Containing 1-3,1-6 beta glucan, ascorbic acid, microcrystalline cellulose, capsule shell (Vegetable Cellulose), selenium yeast, calcium stearate and zinc citrate.”


7. Boswellia Complex


From MediHerb to improve circulation and resistance

Boswellia Complex contains the active ingredients boswellia, celery seed, ginger and turmeric.”

8. Tincture by Medical Herbalist

The tincture was created for me after a one hour consultation, to increase energy levels, provide anti inflammatory and immune support.  It contains tribulus, astragalus, liquorice root, hawthorn and Chinese wormwood (artimisinin).


9. Milk and thistle powder

Traditional Chinese medicine to remove toxicity.


There were a few other recommendations, which I am not taking.

  • CoQ 10 as a supplement.  Its more nutrients.
  • Carctol for detoxification.
  • Artimisinin as alternative therapy.


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