October 2017 updates

following on from my last update in June 2017.

I started on the new chemo / targeted therapy regime – Kadcyla – 4 months ago. It is administered intravenously, once every 3 weeks. I am tolerating it well, only feel somewhat under the weather and a little weaker for a few days after the treatment.

As a result of the treatment, the oxygen therapy (which I still go to 2-3 a month), the daily swimming and possibly other lifestyle changes, my breathing and my cough is much better. I do feel much better in general, and able to do quite a lot.

Unfortunately its not all good news, as the tumours in the lymph nodes in my neck and under arm are showing a small increase with every CT scan.

The ECHO also highlighted that there is a 2 cm fluid around my heart. It seems its been there for some time, but so far hasn’t caused any issues.

What is an ECHO?

ECHO is short for ‘echocardiogram’. It is a scan of the heart and the surrounding blood vessels. Anyone who is on chemotherapy is required to have an ECHO once every 3 months, to monitor the health of the heart / blood flow.


…for now, I continue with the Kadcyla and the changes I have implemented in my life 🙂


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