January 2018 updates

I have just been to my Oncology appointment.  I always seem to get so shaken up after these appointments, and generally lose my temper 😦   The fact that while waiting I was reading ‘Does anger taste good?’ chapter of my self-care book, didn’t help matters.

Everything just seem to take forever.  Of course, I am thankful for having the NHS, but can still push for small improvements.

My CT scan (one I had in December 2017) showed that my cancer is getting worse, little by little.  Both in my lungs and my lymph nodes.  There was also another appearance of the skin cancer on my neck, which since has been removed by surgery.

The lymph nodes are visible on my neck, but I am surprised at my lungs as I have been feeling better.  My cough isn’t as persistent as it used to be, in fact at times it is none existent.  Also, the 2cm fluid around my heart is reduced to 1cm.  I am attributing these improvements to my complementary therapies and new lifestyle 🙂

As the current chemo regime is not reducing or stabilising my cancer, I will be going on another treatment yet again.

I have been referred to the Royal Marsden Hospital where I will hopefully start on a clinical trial with a chemo therapy drug called, Tucatinib.  I don’t have any details as yet, still waiting for them to contact me within the next 10 days.  So, watch this space 🙂


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