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June 2017 updates

IN SUMMARY I have been feeling more tired, and my lungs and cough are worse. My scans show that the cancer has spread further in the lungs and the lymph nodes, but I may not have any metastasis in the liver.  This means that the current treatment (Herceptin / Pertuzameb) is not working 😦  I … Continue reading June 2017 updates


CT scan, MRI, PICC line and portacath

What is a CT scan? A CT scan (Computed Tomography Scan) uses X-ray to create detailed images of the body. - Before the scan, a special contrast dye (containing iodine) is injected intravenously. To avoid getting sick from the dye, it is advised not to eat or drink 2 hours before the procedure. - For … Continue reading CT scan, MRI, PICC line and portacath